TAL Gallery Store

The Gallery Store features local artists and artisans and is open 11-3:00; Tuesday-Friday and 10:30 - 4:00; Saturday.

Any artist interested in having artwork, jewelry or other art-related items in the Gallery Store will need to fill out an application and bring items to TAL by 1:00pm every 3rd Thursday of the each month. For more information or to ask questions about the Gallery Store, please email Glenna Cook at [email protected] with “Gallery Store” in the subject line. Please click the application and consignment agreement links to download the application and exhibitor agreement below.

If you are already an exhibitor in the Gallery Store and need to create an inventory list, please click on the inventory form link below.

Gallery Store Applications and Forms (links below)

TAL Members

Non-TAL Members

Consignment Agreement Members

Consignment Agreement Non-members

Inventory Form


All items submitted for the Gallery Store must be original (no giclees), not molded, and must have been created by the submitter. Image sizes 10” x 10” or less in frames are most suitable for the store. Framed items must be wired for hanging. No saw-tooth hangers are allowed. Prints or mass produced works are not allowed, except for hand-pulled artwork and greeting cards. Items must be of professional quality and presentation.